New and Noteworthy

  1. Employers let us know the coolest thing about their organization

    July 14 2014

    We asked the employers coming to Careers Day - What is the coolest thing about working for your organization?

  2. Recognizing fraudulent job offers

    April 22 2014

    Watch our latest video panel discussion on this topic. Read on for a condensed version of tips from our panelists.

  3. Closed for the long weekend

    April 17 2014

    CAPS offices will be closed on Friday, April 18 and Monday, April 21 for the long weekend.

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From the Director's Chair

  1. Dr. Jim Bright on the Chaos Theory of Careers

    July 25 2014

    I've written elsewhere on this blog (more than once) about CAPS' approach to career development. It is one that emphasizes action over planning, that recognizes the role that happenstance plays in shaping people's careers and that normalizes career uncertainty. These themes are also taken up in many of the guest bloggers who have contributed to this blog over the past couple of years. Recently,

  2. Publishing opportunities, discovering new interests, finding a mentor and community, and more!

    July 11 2014

    Today’s blog post comes from Monica Chahal, recipient of a Green and Gold Student Leadership and Professional Development Grant. The Green and Gold Grant is administered by CAPS and funded by the University of Alberta Annual Fund. At CAPS, we strongly encourage students to actively engage in their career and follow their curiosities because such action often reveals – even creates –

  3. Labour Market Trends and Rising Stars in Fort McMurray - Part 2

    June 19 2014

    Today's post is from Amy Roy Gratton, Experiential Learning Coordinator with CAPS: Your U of A Career Centre. I often get the question, “what do you do all summer when there are no students around?” I’m fortunate to be able to explore careers first hand in order to be more knowledgeable about career options and labour market information when I advise students.  This summer I was

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  1. Green and Gold Student Leadership and Professional Development Grant Information Session

    September 04

    12:35 - 01:20 PM

    2-100 SUB

  2. Labatt Breweries Employer Information Session

    September 09

    05:30 - 08:00 PM

    ETLC 2-002

  3. Pepsico Employer Information Session

    September 10

    07:00 - 08:30 PM

    1-5 Business

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