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  1. Universum Career Test

    December 02 2014

    Do you know where your career will take you in the near future? Do you know what goes into certain companies recruiting here on campus? Thanks to Universum's work, the gap between employers and university students is closing. The From Learning to Work Student Survey takes your responses and uses them to provide you with an in-depth review of who you are as an applicant, suggesting employers and industries you may not otherwise have considered.

  2. SELF-made learning

    November 18 2014

    A $600,000 gift from Shell Canada will help University of Alberta students like Ayesha Herian gain experience outside the classroom. With help from the Shell Enhanced Learning Fund (SELF), Herian attended an international conference on Green Energy for Sustainable Development in Thailand, bringing back ideas and experiences that will be instrumental to both her thesis work and her planned career in environmental management.

  3. Arts and Culture Career Crawl

    November 13 2014

    "I was surprised by the availability of jobs in the arts and culture industry”. - Participating Student. This year, students in the Faculty of Arts spent the day with CAPS at Edmonton Public Library (Stanley A. Milner Branch), Citadel Theatre and Francis Winspear Centre. Here are some highlights from the crawl: Stephanie F. and Stephen G. emphasized how being a people person is central to working at the EPL. This library is not merely a vessel for books, but a blooming hub for the Edmonton community! Professionals on the tour spoke about soft skills, personality and familiarity with workplace culture as triggers for career advancement. “A lot of the people were hired because of [these factors] and learned the job later.” -3rd year Graduate student

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From the Director's Chair

  1. Career Advice from the Pros: A How-to Guide for Arts Students

    December 18 2014

    Today’s post was written by Nicole Hoffman, CAPS’ Communications Intern. Nicole is in her final year of her Bachelor of Arts Degree at the U of A. Careers in the arts aren’t always straight-forward. Professionals in the arts tend to hold many positions before they find one that suits them, and many Arts students aren’t sure where they’ll end up after graduation. When faced with this

  2. On the ground: Learning the reality of careers in law and enforcement

    November 24 2014

    Today's post is by Kristen McArthur, who is an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Arts.I cannot thank the staff at CAPS: Your U of A Career Centre enough for accepting my application to attend the Law & Enforcement Career Crawl on Monday, November 10, 2014. I have always had a keen interest in the legal system, and as a student studying outside of the Faculty of Law, there have been few

  3. Career advice for international students

    November 18 2014

    Today's post was written by Nicole Hoffman, CAPS' Communications Intern. In September, I attended a meeting of the International Student Advisory Council (ISAC), a student group created with the purpose of making sure that the concerns of international students are heard on campus. I wanted to know what sorts of challenges international students experience when looking for work in Canada. At the

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