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  1. Six hints to help you make the most out of Summer Career Camp

    May 03 2016

  2. Community Service-Learning-to-Work Pathway

    February 12 2016

    We are excited to announce a new work experience opportunity. The Pathways Program is a joint venture between Community Service Learning and the Career Centre.

  3. Don't wait to invest in your career

    January 28 2016

    The University of Alberta Career Centre encourages students and alumni to be active participants in their careers and to invest in their careers early. This Friday, January 29, marks the opening of T2C: Transition to Career—a comprehensive, flexible course that gives students and alumni access to a team of career experts (both in person and online) that will help them become more competitive in the job market, confidently move towards the next steps of their careers, make meaningful professional connections and expand their job search strategies.

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