New and Noteworthy

  1. An Outside Look Inside - Students Bring a Diverse Persepctive to Almita

    March 30 2015

    In February three international students from the University of Alberta had the opportunity to job shadow at Almita for two days during their Reading Week.

  2. Focus Group for Transition to Career Program

    March 05 2015

    We want your opinion! Give us your feedback on our new program and ensure that it is meeting the needs of students. Lunch will be provided.

  3. Five ways to get the skills to find and secure employment at Professional U

    February 26 2015

    Practice interviewing. Create a visually sophisticated resume. Overcome awkward introductions by networking. Put together an interview-appropriate but unique outfit. Embrace your skill-set and design a professional identity.

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From the Director's Chair

  1. Are you a giver, a matcher or a taker?

    February 26 2015

    This weeks post is written by Christine Gertz, Library and Information Specialist at CAPS. I first became aware of Adam Grant’s book, Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives our Success, when I received a link to his podcast on the book from Knowledge@Wharton. I do try to stay on top of business books that are relevant to career management, but I am also a sucker for the Malcolm

  2. Why should you get LinkedIn?

    February 03 2015

    Today's post is written by Christine Gertz, Library and Information Specialist at CAPS. Writing for Marketing Education Review, two professors described an assignment that they gave to their marketing students, both graduate and undergraduate. For ten percent of their final mark, the students in two different semesters had to create a LinkedIn profile and interact on the site to satisfy the

  3. Career Advice from the Pros: A How-to Guide for Arts Students

    December 18 2014

    Today’s post was written by Nicole Hoffman, CAPS’ Communications Intern. Nicole is in her final year of her Bachelor of Arts Degree at the U of A. Careers in the arts aren’t always straight-forward. Professionals in the arts tend to hold many positions before they find one that suits them, and many Arts students aren’t sure where they’ll end up after graduation. When faced with this

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