New and Noteworthy

  1. Employers let us know the coolest thing about their organization

    July 14 2014

    We asked the employers coming to Careers Day - What is the coolest thing about working for your organization?

  2. Recognizing fraudulent job offers

    April 22 2014

    Watch our latest video panel discussion on this topic. Read on for a condensed version of tips from our panelists.

  3. Closed for the long weekend

    April 17 2014

    CAPS offices will be closed on Friday, April 18 and Monday, April 21 for the long weekend.

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From the Director's Chair

  1. The relationship between mindfulness and career objectives

    September 19 2014

    Over the past number of years at CAPS, we have been moving away from using terms like 'career planning' to using terms like 'career engagement.' Today's post, from Justin Pritchard highlights why this shift in the way we approach career development is important in a world characterised by on-going change and complexity. At the career centre, we speak about your career being ‘now' and also of '

  2. Career mentoring: From novice to professional

    September 10 2014

    The application for CAPS' Career Mentoring Program is coming up so I thought a post about the program and the value of mentorship from a career development perspective would be timely. It comes from Amy Roy Gratton who, among other things, coordinates CAPS' Career Mentoring Program.Confusion, frustration and anxiety about career options often lead students to explore the CAPS Career Mentoring

  3. Learning from career u-turns

    September 05 2014

    This past Labour Day The Tyee, an independent, online magazine based out of B.C., launched a four-part series called Career 180. Each article in the series profiles someone who has made a major shift in their career. By major shift, I mean they went from doing one thing to doing something completely different, like going from running a wireless products company to opening a bakeshop, from being a

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  1. Rapid Resume Review

    September 22

    11:00 - 03:00 PM

    1-031 CCIS

  2. Rapid CV Resume Review

    September 22

    01:00 - 03:00 PM

    1-16 Triffo Hall

  3. Suncor Energy Employer Information Session

    September 22

    07:00 - 08:30 PM

    ETLC 2-002

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