Career Mentoring Program

“Being able to make a difference in someone's life was a thrilling experience for me.” (Career Mentor, 2013)

“My career also took a different direction as a result of being a mentor with the Career Mentoring Program. It was a fantastic experience to explore my own skills and abilities with my mentee." (Career Mentor, 2014)


The Career Mentoring Program connects U of A students and postdoctoral fellows (mentees) with a volunteer career mentor from the community. You and your individually-matched mentee work together from January to September to develop the professional skills, knowledge, attitudes and connections the mentee will need as they transition into the world of work. 

You and your mentee will attend three mentoring mixers and communicate either in person, through the phone or via email at least once every four weeks to discuss the mentee's professional development goals. 

We invite you to learn more by reading our program details and frequently asked questions.


Any individual who lives in the Edmonton area may express interest in being a potential career mentor. You must generally be available to work with your mentee for the period of January to September. Mentees accepted into the program will be undergraduate students, graduate students or postdoctoral fellows in any year of study, and may be from any discipline. 

How to Apply

If career mentoring sounds like it’s a fit for you, please contact us at
Note that we first accept students and postdoctoral fellows into the program, and then seek out career mentors that match their learning needs; thus, not all interested career mentors will be able to be matched with a mentee.