What can I do with my degree?

An obvious and useful way to begin exploring careers is by researching the careers of people with a degree in your discipline. We have done the initial work for you by compiling listings of careers for the various academic disciplines offered at the U of A. To find the listing for your degree, select your faculty from the list below. But before you do that, remember…

Your career options do not flow from your degree alone!

  • Some occupations require a specific degree. For example, to become a licensed pharmacist in Canada, you need a Bachelor of Science in pharmacy. However, your degree alone will not guarantee employment.
  • Potential employers will also look at your work and other experiences (e.g. volunteering, student group involvement), the skills you developed through those experiences, and your personal attributes in order to assess not only how well you’ll perform in a job but also your fit with their organization.
  • Think about what else you might do apart of going to class, doing assignments and studying for exams that will help you to gain the skills and attributes to succeed in your future career.

Your career options are not limited by your degree!

  • There are a myriad of occupations a graduate with a degree in arts or science can pursue. There are also occupations besides accounting and teaching that a graduate with a BCom in accounting or a BEd can pursue, for example.
  • Regardless of what program you’re in, you will gain knowledge and skills through your education AND other experiences that will impact your future career.

Career options by degree

Other ways to learn about careers for your degree

Attend a career forum

  • Most of the career forums we host are discipline-specific. One of the key benefits of attending a career forum is you learn not only about the careers real people are currently working in, but also about how they ended up in those careers.

Participate in U of A Job Shadow Week

  • One way to search our database of job shadow hosts is by their degree. Job shadowing is a great way to learn about a day in the work-life of someone as well as about their career path. 

Check out our Resource Centre and Library

  • We have a number of resources at all three of our locations on careers by degree.