Where to start

The best advice for job seekers is to diversify and target your work search methods. Find out how and where your employers of choice prefer to publicly advertise their positions but also take steps to build and maintain your own network of contacts.

Here are some additional tips for a successful work search:

  • Organize your work search
    • Schedule time to dedicate to your work search, create a record-keeping system to track the jobs you’ve applied on, the work search tools you’ve sent out, your career-related research, your network of contacts, etc.
  • Prepare targeted work search tools
    • Using work search tools that are tailored specifically to the employer and the opportunity will be far more successful than a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Start thinking about potential references
    • You will need three to five people who can communicate to potential employers (either verbally or in writing) about your work-related skills.
    • Use current or past employers, supervisors, coworkers and clients over friends and family who only know you personally.
    • Give your verbal references advance notice and keep them updated about who might be contacting them so they can be thoughtful about what to say about you.
  • Perfect your interview skills
    • Interviews can arise on short notice so spend some familiarizing yourself with the interview process and practice answering interview questions.
  • Be open to different forms of work
    • A full-time job is not your only option.
    • Consider part-time work, job sharing, temporary work, contract work or self-employment.
  • Put personal supports in place
    • Adding work search to your already busy schedule can be challenging in many ways. Think about the supports you need to help you succeed.
    • career advisor can help you clarify your work search goals, diversify your work search methods, build work search tools and prepare for your interview.
    • Perhaps you need people to act a cheerleaders, reassuring you and helping you stay positive. You might need emotional support, financial assistance, support at home or help with your current responsibilities, so you can dedicate time and effort to your work search.